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    The company . Registered in February 2018 In Cyprus-Greece, the license number is HE380604. Intercontinental is a well-established company in the field of marketing, paid advertising, training, seminars, as well as renting properties to visitors to the Greek island of Cyprus. In 2020, Intercontinental Inc. has created an affordable educational platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs, TwentyXPro that offers different courses at several different levels, from education, marketing, sales, human resources, SEO optimization and digital marketing strategies. With our trainings, you will get massive exposure through social media and the internet, creating permanent leads that look at your offer and sales, without using a single paid ad. Dominate your status and appearance as an entrepreneur by using the power of social media, Google, and digital marketing, in order to build an audience that will love your brand. Our unique courses will show you exactly how to control your niche and appearance using automated attraction marketing strategies to consistently attract customers to your offers. Starting with social media marketing courses, you will begin to see immediate results that expand the circle of your connections, followers, local and global friendship requests, and open prospects for hungry customers in a way that will seem like a great authority and a huge community that appreciates your standing. Next, you will learn the secrets of smart sales skills, practical human resources, digital marketing, massive search engines, and the millionaire mindset. With these skills, you will attract a lot of interest as well as develop a level of comfort and a strong relationship with your customers to make them eager to cooperate with you or buy your services / products. By purchasing your first educational e-book for just 20 euros, you can apply to become a representative or commission marketer and promote TwentyXPro products locally and internationally. This is the direct client link with the company to start registration and purchase a training course

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